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October 04, 2007


Colleen Wainwright


My mom were all hot on Ann, too, so we're CAW, EAW and CAN.

So she won't be so much with the monogrammed towels, but "Lilah" is worth it. Good name!

Colleen Wainwright

Er..."was." "Was" hot. It was "mom and dad," but there were multiple dads involved and...

Oh, shut up, CAW. That's what the "preview" button is for.


Many congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Your story of your visit to Germany and experiencing its health care system has been an anecdote of mine since I first read it, and I'm glad that the potential issue then has become the joy of today. Many, many congratulations.

Russ A

Nice work young man, mazel tov!

Will she review cartoons based on their commercials?

Dave G

Communicatrix - Thank you so much for your well wishes. You wouldn't believe how much we agonized over the -AG decision.

Stephen - Thank you for the huge compliment. I put a lot of work into that story about the German E.R. and I'm glad it resonated.

Russ - No word on if my daughter will have my ability to review movies she hasn't seen yet. We're still working on getting her to hold her food down :-)


DAVE! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family! Your post made me laugh, but your daughter will definitely thank you in the future for putting so much thought into her initials!


If not cartoon reviews, maybe Disney/Pixar movies from their cross-channel marketing promotions?

I'll continue to send books.

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