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April 28, 2007


Brian Savage

Is that a real quote at the end? I've seen some of the other one's about Wolfowitz, so I know they are real, but that last one caps it all.

I would love to see this posted in the WaPo or NY times as an editorial. Man, pretty debilitating piece on the guy. It's true PW is a dangerous mind. Genius as a word has been totally devalued

Dave G

Hey Bri, good to hear from you!

For the record, I made up the quotes from Richard Perle, Christopher Hitchens, and Bush at the end. Reading this over now, I should have made this clearer at the beginning. It was my attempt at Onion-style satire but there was so much material that read like satire but was shockingly *true*, the line was blurred.

Besides those three quotes, everything else in the article is, sadly, true. And those quotes were all quotes I could envision Perle, Hitchens, and Bush saying.

>Genius as a word has been totally devalued<

To say nothing of the idea of accountability. The saddest part of the Bush era was the idea that recklessly launching enormous projects was, in-and-of itself, "genius."

To me, genius toils in the trenches, quietly getting things done. Genius is subtle, nuanced and it is a trait that is only apparent after it has born fruit.

Bush is basically the opposite of that - loud, stupid, and blindly stumbling from one catastrophe to the next.


I'm using this the next time I do something stupid: "If it seems SHE sometimes does incredibly stupid things, it is only because SHE is so brilliant."


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