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November 27, 2006



Is it weird that I kept waiting for the possum to be in attack mode in one of the pics?

Dave Greten

Hey Sandra!
Not weird at all. According to Mark, even though he knew it wouldn't attack, it was scary as all hell holding it.

Not only that but the smell it generates in this state is, in his words, "overpowering, almost unbearable. The worst thing I have ever smelled in my life."

Mark is a New England version of Steve Irwin. I need to scan more of his pictures.


I went searching for photos of possum because I have no idea what they are (we don't have them here). And surely enough I found them horrifying and cute at the same time, being held up like that like.... yes, she's right... like it's about to attack. :)


i love your possum pic's i have 1 named lenny i raised him from a baby he is so funny he dont bite he is 2yrs old and loves to take a bath and he even sits on the counch and watches the news i just love him so much he is so awsome but he is a back words possum he likes to wonder outside dureing the day and sleep all night haha


youre my hero. ive always wanted a possum as a pet. lucky :/


I've dealt with many opossums in my life. This is the Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana). It's actually pretty rare for them to "play possum". They also very rarely hang from their tails. But they do carry their young on their back, that's for sure! They are good animals, though I don't know that they'd be a good pet.

I have a photo and story of an opossum playing dead here: http://www.aaanimalcontrol.com/blog/playingpossum.html

I also have many opossum photos here: http://www.247wildlife.com/opossumphotos.htm

Cute photos, Dave! I kind of wish I had some like that myself on my site.

Utah Animal Control

Those are totally sweet pics!!! You are one brave soul. Keep up the good work. http://www.extermiman.com


ok, those are the cutest pictures!!! I just ran into one in my back yard, they are too cute and I felt bad that he was scared of me. If he only knew that I just wanted to kiss his cute nose!




I have a pet possum~ Peetee is on facebook and youtube would love to have you join us~
He loves cat food!! I actually have two, he and his Momma~

Marrianne Miller

raised a couple.. my best buddy Arkamedies died this fall of old age. had him since he was pink<3 have one now , found on his momma after she was ran over.. his name is stew.. barley has his eyes open. wonderful loving (spoiled rotten) pets!

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I know some folks who, and i'm assuming you'll appreciate this, leak from their asses non stop. Would you like me to put you in contact with them? They'll be great models for you.



This is absolutely disgusting.

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