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November 11, 2008


David, London, UK

Hey Dave don't be hard on yourself. You learnt something from the exercise and you won't make that mistake again.

And besides, without people like you making mistakes like that, people like me would never get work ;-)


Read up on low performers here:

Quint Studer studies them. They make up 10% of your workforce, but monopolize 80% of management's time. And they know how to survive.

Geoff Meeker

I feel your pain, Dave, and have learned the same lesson. It's a fundamental that applies in any occupation - always hire people who are smarter than yourself. They can only make you look good, in the end.

hank susanto

Dave, you never know what the future hold. An example of hiring a smarter person than you: many years ago, I joined a tech company with a master degree in computer science and worked under some managers had NO background in any engineering. They had hard time of controlling me because I thought their proposed solution just logically did not make sense. I showed them mathematical proof that their solution was impossible and later I realized I accidentally made them look bad. :P

Dave G

I can see that kind of situation playing out. Although if they were smart managers they would put their ego aside and listen to people who do know what they are talking about. Smart people realize they don't know everything and are receptive to expert knowledge. So don't feel bad about it, just don't publicly shame them :-)

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