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April 07, 2007



I never left a message on an answering machine and never had one. I disabled the voice mail on my mobile phone and I do not know anyone, anyone at all, who's got voice mail. The only message on a voice mail I know is George's, a character from a sitcom I like, Seinfeld; it was a funny song. It is fun to read you and strange to imagine you actually use this service. Here when you call someone that can't answer the phone (at a movie or something), you just hear a message saying: the person you are trying to call has its phone closed. Romanian way. I've been on some mountains last week, for walks not climbing, it was great. When I'll have some pictures somewhere I'll invite you to watch them. I saw Ishmael Beah on a comedy show I watch sometimes on CNN (Comedy Central produce it I think) I forgot the name now, he was smart, witty and fun.

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